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Water wheelwater water pipe for Christmas

Dec 15,2023 | yhssmoke

I really wish it would snow on Christmas Eve,
The fog filled the windows, reflecting the goose-yellow light.
At twelve o'clock at midnight,
A miracle falls from the chimney,
The miracle contains you.
I have accumulated many stars,
Full of Christmas trees and dark night skies.
The streets in December are filled with hot coffee and Christmas spirit.
Christmas gives you a choice:
Either get into my socks or get into my arms.
First snow and hot coffee,
Elk and Christmas tree,
New Year’s bells and countdown,
All bad things are experiences,
All good things will meet in the end.
If it snows all over the sky on Christmas,
Then can I invite you to grow old together?
It won't be long,
Christmas, first snow, New Year’s fireworks,
All this beauty and tenderness will come as promised.